The Curse of the Snake King


The Curse of the Snake King is the fourth game I made during my "One game per day week" personal challenge.
It is a two player chasing game, with an asymmetrical gameplay; one player uses the keyboard, while the other one uses the mouse.

You're a mole, so digging is your thing. But it seems that you've dug too deep... and now the curse of the Snake King is upon you!
Will you manage to escape this divine entity and its never-ending swarm of snakes?


Windows (.exe)
Script (.py)

(The script is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac, but requires Python 2.7 and Pygame 1.9 to run)

How to play

Player 1

Your goal is to find an exit! You get mines when you dig dirt.

Player 2

Your goal is to get the Mole with your snakes! You get snakes when you dig dirt.