"Every time I find a new house... It starts corrupting itself..."

What is Crab?

Crab was made in 2 days for Ludum Dare 24, on the theme of evolution.
It is a short, story based game, with a strong emphasis on atmosphere.

You play as a red bubble, trying to find someplace to live in.
But every house you find mysteriously corrupts itself...

Download links

Windows version
Source code


How to play

The controls are pretty simple:

Keep in mind that you can leave some screens by going to the left or to the right.


Crab got pretty good ratings! Here they are:

#3 Coolness 59%
#3 Audio 4.21/5.00
#7 Mood 4.10/5.00
#36 Graphics 4.17/5.00
#203 Overall 3.30/5.00
#320 Innovation 2.97/5.00
#515 Fun 2.50/5.00
#600 Humor 1.35/5.00
#625 Theme 2.18/5.00