New update

After a long period without any update, here comes the new one!
The list of additions and modifications is pretty huge (inevitably, after 8 month in development...).

- 3 new main missions
- 3 new training missions
- 4 new weapons
- 2 new outfits
- 2 new powers
- New area in the Archipel: the Labs
- And... A surprise ;)

There also are numerous modifications in previous missions, along with lots of general modifications. Some gameplay elements have been improved too. For a (almost) full changelog, check out the propper file in the game directory. Here are some of the main modifications:

- Clips are now limited depending on weapons
- Mepdaks are now limited to 3, but they restore full health
- Explosives are now limited to 5
- Recoil added on weapons
- New first person view (switch with a middle-click)
- Laser now increases precision
- Added a machine to recover lives if you've got less than 2 of them (Archipel Labs)
- Using powers during training missions need 50% less points

Visual and sound improvment:
- New font
- New dialogs display
- Musics now fade out when leaving maps
- New various particle effects depending on the surface you're shooting on
- New footstep sounds depending on the surface you're walking on
- New sounds and effects for picking up items (1-Up, powers)
- Numerous musics added / changed
- New sounds and visual effects on some equipment
- Reyk's models updated
- Weapon models updated
- Head tracking improved

- New main menu
- Added a progression percentage on save slots
- Added play time on save slots
- New Game Over
- New icon on worlds when a new mission is available (mission menu)
- Equipment and power selection menu improved

- Improved AI
- Improved collisions
- Improved performance
- New options: default view (first or third person), sight display
- You must now save before going on another mission
- Added unique models for most of the characters on the Archipel

Fixed bugs:
- Fixed the chef dialog bug (Teira)
- Fixed the bug allowing a negative number of lives
- Fixed the equipment closet bug

Some more information: first, 3 new weapons have been added on Teira to be consistent (members of Sikar and looters now use weapons specific to their world). These new weapons replace those who where available in Higanva: CSG-5 and AZE-10. Don't forget to get them during the new mission on Teira if you want them!
The third one is located in a new place, which I'll let you find out ;)

Secondly, play time is now displayed on save slots; it will be 0:00:00, simply because the play time wasn't saved before.

Finally, I'll update the game later on Desura; the upload processus is longer, and I prefer to be sure that there isn't any bug left to avoid doing another update (the game has been tested, but who knows!). I'll do it in two or three days.

Thanks for your patience, I hope you'll enjoy this new update!

25/02/2013, Mayto