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I'm happy to announce the opening of a Discord dedicated to the Curious Planet!

If you want to closely follow the development of Curious Planet games, talk to other Worlds and - really soon - The End of Dyeus players, share scores and tips, or just chat, feel free to join it.

>> Join the Discord!

See you soon!

03/03/2021, Mayto

The End of Dyeus - Enemy Showcase: the Guardian

Back to a human opponent this week, with the Guardian.
This fierce adversary is equipped with a long sword and a plasma cannon, making him a top priority threat.
Do not underestimate him and keep your guard up if you want to live another day!

23/12/2020, Mayto

The soundtrack of Worlds is now available!

Transdimensional Anomalies, the soundtrack of Worlds is now available in a whopping 82 tracks release, including 7 bonus tracks which were cut from the game.

You can download it here: Transdimensional Anomalies (239 Mo)
Or listen to it directly on YouTube.


22/12/2020, Mayto

Enemy Showcase: the Toards

One last peek at the wild life of The End of Dyeus: the Toards.
You'll need a good timing to take these toads and there impressive jaws down!

16/12/2020, Mayto
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