The future of Worlds

You've probably noticed it, Worlds hasn't been updated since last summer. Don't worry, I'm still working on it, but a lot of things are going to change.

Worlds has been released about one year ago, precisely in October 2011. It came out with an update system to add content to it, since the game wasn't finished yet. Something really close to Minecraft. But thinking about it, it was a bad idea, and I regret doing so. This update system was perfect for an open world game like Minecraft, but it definitely doesn't fit Worlds; players have to wait between each update, without playing the game since there isn't any mission available. It makes Worlds a segmented experience, which is a bad thing.

So I believe I have to go a little step backward, which implies two major changes: Worlds won't be updated until it's finished, and I've withdrawn it from sale. The next update will still come though, since I know there are people awaiting for it... It will give you a little pick at what the final version will be ;)

Don't worry if you've bought the game, you will of course get the final version once released (maybe earlier, who knows?)!

Worlds will be released this year, and it will provide 21 main missions, and 20 ~ 30 training missions.
The next update will be available this month or in February, and will feature lots of modifications (you can still check the changelog here).

That's it, don't hesitate to tell me your feelings about this decision :)

20/01/2013, Mayto