2019 Curious Planet updates!

Hey there! It's been a while - a long while actually.
I've been pretty quiet here these past two years and I'd like to take the opportunity of this New Year to give you some news, and to clarify where the Curious Planet adventure is going from now on!

Since the release of Worlds back in March 2016 - already! - a lot of things changed in my life (for the best fortunately), up to my move this summer. I probably needed some time to recover from the development too, as it got pretty hard by the end.

Still, a few events occured on the Curious Planet: the release of Worlds 2.0 at the end of 2016, followed by four little games during my "On Game per day" week (which was a lot of fun), the update of the Curious Planet website at the beginning of 2018, and finally the release of Worlds: The Old Prophecy a few months ago (which I didn't mention here, boo!).
I also took advantage of this time to learn a lot of new things, and to think about what would come next.

That's it for the retrospective; let's talk about the future!

I've learned a few lessons from the development of Worlds:

First, making a video game takes a lot of time. I won't make this mistake twice, and I'll dedicate myself to more modest games from now on (Worlds was a pretty ambitious project), favoring quality and replay value.

Second, the worlds and missions of Worlds let me experiment with a lot of things, and determine precisely which ideas work best in my opinion. Overall, I'll always try to give a lot of freedom of action to the player, so they can discover and live the game experience in their own way.

Finally, Worlds uses a lot of dialogs and cutscenes to tell its story, a method which comes with various drawbacks (negative impact on replay value, uninteresting steps like talking to a character to progress in the game...); I'll favor the setting and a simple narrative context from now on, in which the player can live its own story. A pretty old school approach in fact.

With all this in mind, I've been working seriously on a new project since the beginning of November. Unfortunately I didn't find an appropriate title yet, but it's got to happen soon.

It's a first person action / adventure game, set in a fully open world. You'll find yourself in a wild and hostile world of which you know nothing, except that you must find "Dyeus". Who, or what is it? You'll need to finish the game to find out...

The game lets you go wherever you want as soon as it starts, and you'll have to find weapons and equipment to face its dangers. The combat system rely on two simple actions (attack / block) rather than a large range of moves, which allows nervous and precise gameplay while remaining accessible.

The good news is that I hope to release it this year!
I can't wait to tell you more about this project, but let's not reveal all its surprises in one go.

Happy New Year everyone, and see you soon!

22/01/2019, Mayto