The Curse of the Snake King (One game per day #4)

Today comes the last game of my "One game per day week":
The Curse of the Snake King!

- Player one controls the Mole with the keyboard, and tries to find an exit
- Player two controls the Snake King with the mouse, and tries to get the mole by summoning little snakes on its way.

You can get the game here: Windows (.exe) | Script (.py)

(The script is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac, but requires Python 2.7 and Pygame to run)

I have to say that it's probably my favorite one! It needs some balancing here and there, but I'm pretty happy with it.

That's it! It was a pretty fun challenge. I'll keep making little games once in a while, so I'm planning to add a page on the Curious Planet dedicated to them.

I hope you enjoy those games as much as I enjoyed making them!
Happy Holidays :)

16/12/2016, Mayto