It's over...

My dear friends,
Today is a special day.

I've been expecting this day for 7 years. 7 enthralling years, yet exhausting. A real race against the clock... Was it worth it?

I don't know, and I'm too tired to think about it; what matters today, is that it's done. I've finally released Worlds, my first game, while being proud of the result! ... That's something.

Now to the important informations...

> Alpha version
If you've bought the alpha version when it was available, you of course don't have to buy the game a second time.
Send me a message there with your receipt or any other proof of your purchase, tell me if you'd prefer a Humble Bundle or a Steam key, and I'll send it your way!

> Humble Widget and Steam keys
As someone already asked me, I prefer to make this clear: you won't get any Steam key if you buy the game through the Humble Widget! If you're willing to have Worlds in your Steam library, buy it on Steam, or add it to your library by using the dedicated button.

> Any sales?
One last thing, on sales: Worlds won't be on sale before... a long time. So don't worry about seeing the game 75% off right after buying it, it won't happen.

Now... What else could I say? I'm going to rest for a while. Or kinda, since I'll have to provide support, and I still have to wrap up the Linux version; but I'll be more relaxed now, and that's great.

And of course... I have another project coming. But we'll see about that in a few years...

01/03/2016, Mayto