Who am I?

I'm a young french man who spent most of his life playing videogames and learning computer stuff. Of course, those two things had to collide at some point.
I focus on making open-ended games, with a lot of emphasize on player agency. It may be unusual, but I love early 3D games; the jump from 2D to 3D was a really interesting era, and it gave birth to lots of incredible and exciting games.

My journey as a game developer began in 2009 with Worlds, a pretty ambitious project which took 7 years to complete.

How do I work?

I'm a real lone wolf when it comes to creating games; I craft the engine, draw the graphics and try my best at composing music.

I use the Irrlicht Engine for my 3D needs. It's a cross-platform, easy to use 3D engine, which keeps things pretty basic; a good and solid base for anything I want to craft.
I also created a few little 2D games with Pygame, which is an awesome starting point if you're interested in making games.