Enemy Showcase: the Skeel

New week, new enemy: the Skeel.

Today we're peeking at the wild life of The End of Dyeus. These sneaky creatures will charge at you whenever you'll wet your feet...
There are other approaches, but they can't do much against a good bow and arrows hehe.

02/12/2020, Mayto

Enemy Showcase: the Nahash Grenadier

We're wednesday, so... it's time to introduce the Nahash Grenadier! (with a guest?)

Be ready for noisy and chaotic fights with this guy. He's not really a delicate opponent... so why not try and lure him into blowing his friends up?

25/11/2020, Mayto

Enemy Showcase: the Red Crystal

New enemy of the week: the Red Crystal!

A rare and dangerous opponent, hidden in the remotest corners of the world.
Destroy it to get an interesting reward...

18/11/2020, Mayto

Enemy Showcase: the Shadow Chief

New program: every wednesday, I'll introduce an enemy from The End of Dyeus in a small video.

We start with the Shadow Chief!
A fast and deadly foe, equiped with a sword and a shield. You'd better think of a good strategy before facing him...

11/11/2020, Mayto
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