The End of Dyeus - Enemy Showcase: the Guardian

Back to a human opponent this week, with the Guardian.
This fierce adversary is equipped with a long sword and a plasma cannon, making him a top priority threat.
Do not underestimate him and keep your guard up if you want to live another day!

23/12/2020, Mayto

The soundtrack of Worlds is now available!

Transdimensional Anomalies, the soundtrack of Worlds is now available in a whopping 82 tracks release, including 7 bonus tracks which were cut from the game.

You can download it here: Transdimensional Anomalies (239 Mo)
Or listen to it directly on YouTube.


22/12/2020, Mayto

Enemy Showcase: the Toards

One last peek at the wild life of The End of Dyeus: the Toards.
You'll need a good timing to take these toads and there impressive jaws down!

16/12/2020, Mayto

Enemy Showcase: the Odona

We're still looking at the fauna of The End of Dyeus this week, with the Odona.
Extremely fast, this bug won't leave you alone until you get rid of it... or the other way around.

09/12/2020, Mayto
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