It's over...

My dear friends,
Today is a special day.

I've been expecting this day for 7 years. 7 enthralling years, yet exhausting. A real race against the clock... Was it worth it?


01/03/2016, Mayto

Release date announcement!

It's now official, Worlds will be released on March 1st 2016! I've made a little teaser for the occasion:

Now I need to go, I have a lot of work coming this month...

01/02/2016, Mayto

Bird Hunt?

02/12/2015, Mayto

A small update for the demo

Nothing too serious, but I heard that there is a normally unavailable weapon in the demo featured in the weapon shop; so trying to select it... freeze the game!

Therefore, the demo has been updated, and if you've already downloaded it, a patch has been uploaded too.

Just copy the files of the archive to the demo directory, and that's it!

Sorry for this little oversight; if you're facing any other issue, please report it to me.

Have fun!

Download the demo
Download the patch

31/07/2015, Mayto
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