Virus Hunter (One game per day #1)

Last week I had a little personal challenge: to create one little game per day (starting on Tuesday, to Friday).

So here comes the first one: Virus Hunter!
You play as a little robot fighting a dangerously spreading virus. It's a simple arcade-ish shooting game; you earn points for each virus you kill, and you might get cloned by some of them (allowing you to control multiple robots).

You can get the game here: Windows (.exe) | Script (.py)

(The script is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac, but requires Python 2.7 and Pygame to run)


13/12/2016, Mayto

Worlds v2.0 release note

Here comes Worlds v2.0! This update adds a lot of things (hence the name), notably updated graphics, a refined HUD, a new dynamic camera and a bigger font.

Download patch v2.0 : Windows | Linux


22/11/2016, Mayto

Linux version and update 1.1

Big news today, Worlds is finally available for Linux! The demo has been updated for the occasion, and is now available for Linux too.
If you want to try the demo, as always:

And here comes the first update for Worlds, which mostly includes bug fixes.

You can download the patch over here!


10/05/2016, Mayto

It's over...

My dear friends,
Today is a special day.

I've been expecting this day for 7 years. 7 enthralling years, yet exhausting. A real race against the clock... Was it worth it?


01/03/2016, Mayto
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