Virus Hunter (One game per day #1)

Last week I had a little personal challenge: to create one little game per day (starting on Tuesday, to Friday).

So here comes the first one: Virus Hunter!
You play as a little robot fighting a dangerously spreading virus. It's a simple arcade-ish shooting game; you earn points for each virus you kill, and you might get cloned by some of them (allowing you to control multiple robots).

You can get the game here: Windows (.exe) | Script (.py)

(The script is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac, but requires Python 2.7 and Pygame to run)

I may update it once in a while to add some more features - feel free to do so yourself if you want to, and don't forget to send your version my way if you do.

I hope you'll like this small game, and see you tomorrow for the next one!

13/12/2016, Mayto