Worlds v2.0 release note

Here comes Worlds v2.0! This update adds a lot of things (hence the name), notably updated graphics, a refined HUD, a new dynamic camera and a bigger font.

Download patch v2.0 : Windows | Linux


Version 2.0 release note

- Updated graphics
- Updated HUD
- New dynamic camera
- New primary font and dialog design
- You can now set the controls in the in game menu
- Added a new "checkpoint" animation
- Added a new "mission complete" animation
- Added a red glow when you're low on health

- The gladiators AI has been tweaked (colosseum)
- You can now see the "tension" of the gladiators through the analyzer
- Jumps have been tweaked
- Enemies hear less in snowstorms
- Target score for ????? now set to 200000 points
- New enemy placements on Teira
- ??? removed from some ending sequence
- The plateform bit in The Cube has been refined
- Splashscreens are now faster
- Secondary fonts have been altered / updated
- Added some new information on the score menu

- Fixed the crash occuring when using R-Goggles in the colosseum
- The "resolution" button in the options menu now works when using custom resolution
- Fixed some collision problems with iargatrices

Don't hesitate to give me some feedback.
Have fun!

22/11/2016, Mayto